Eclat Bulles Necklace

Freshness and lightness, it is customizable, ideal for ceremonies

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Souvent commandé pour des cérémonies de mariage, Éclat bulles est le collier du plus beau jour de votre vie !

Pour commander cet article je vous conseille de ma contacter : Valérie au 06 84 72 72 61

Often ordered for wedding ceremonies, Éclat bubbles is the necklace for the happiest day of your life !

To order this article I advise you to contact me : Valérie at +33 6 84 72 72 61

S = environ 43cm  |  M = environ 46 cm  |  L = environ 49cm
S = about 43cm | M = about 46 cm | L = about 49cm

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Merci Karine
Merci Alice

This dazzling model will dress up your outfit during ceremonies.
Each time it is a unique model! Composed to order especially for you, you can choose your ultra personalized model by combining up to 8 different colors or stay more classic and choose only one.

Often ordered for wedding ceremonies, the sparkle bubble necklace will brighten up the happiest day of your life.

You want a tailor-made composition, it is possible. For any question or appointment, call me : Valérie: +33 6 84 72 72 61


Pearl: Cat eyes

blanc opaque 100px
Blanc opaque
blanc 100px
bleu jean 100px
Bleu jean
brun 100px
hematite 100px
jaune 100px
noir paillettes 100px
Noir paillette
oeil de tigre jaune 100px
Oeil de tigre jaune
orange 100px
prune 100px
rose 100px
rouge 100px
Rouge opaque
turquoise clair 100px
Turquoise clair
turquoise fonce 100px
Turquoise foncé
vert citron 100px
Vert citron
vert sapin 100px
Vert sapin
brun paillettes 100px
Brun paillettes
oeil de tigre 100px
Oeil de tigre rouge
transparent 100px
vieux rose 100px
Vieux rose

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